I’m Harry Wyatt Jr. the owner of PrintWell LLC and I love to tell stories!

Harry Wyatt Jr.

My clients all have stories to tell and I love to help them tell their stories on a t-shirt or other printed apparel. Whether its about a once-in-a-lifetime family reunion or a corporate event I can help them tell their story. I guide you through the process and at the end of the project I make you the hero!

From design sketch to finished shirt
Let us help YOU tell your story!

After a career in the business world I started my company in 2009 to provide a competitive quote to a private school for their uniform program. The company was set up as 1st Class Apparel & Promotional Products or 1stCAPP! Over time we moved away from just doing uniforms and started printing shirts and other apparel for both private and business clients. We completed our transition to PrintWell in 2015.


Our store at 125 East 2nd Avenue in Roselle is open 6 days a week and you can call me at 908-445-4947 to discuss your project.