How many shirts do I need to Buy?

At Printwell, we find that adding a “Few Extra” units for the production of your order is always best. For example, say you are having a family reunion and 200 people commit to purchasing a t-shirt on the day of the event. If you only provide the 200 you will not be able to supply the your need for last minute family members. Remember, if you order additional tees at this time you won’t be eligible for the lower cost per unit you received from your original request. It’s simply easier to distribute the additional pieces than to reorder after the fact.


What sizes do I need to buy?

We find that although the average order tends to select more Large and XL tees, what is required varies based on customer needs. It is a good idea to survey those you intend to service.


How quickly can I get my order?

At PrintWell, Everything We Sell We Print Well! and we know you’re anxious to get your finished product in hand. So to make this process as smooth as possible, we will require a few things from you. Once you authorize the artwork you’d like printed, return a signed Order Confirmation form, and supplied us with at least a 50% deposit, production of your order will begin. From here you can expect an approximate 7 business day turn-around time to complete your order.

Please be mindful that larger orders may require additional print times. Check with our team to verify your actual in hands date.


Can you help me with the design?

YES! Many of our clients come uncertain as to what they can and can not have printed. We will let you know up front the best way to bring your ideas to life as well as the most cost effective method of doing so. So pull out those wrinkled napkins with your written ideas and let’s get to work.


How much will my order cost?

There are several factors that determine the cost of producing your order:

  • How many units/pieces are you seeking? Remember the more units you purchase the less it will cost per piece
  • How many colors make up the artwork you would like printed? The more colors required the more complex your print becomes.
  • How many locations would you like your artwork printed? In other words, are you seeking a print only on the front chest area or would you like a front and back print. Keep in mind that the more locations you choose the higher the cost.
  • What would you like to print on? A t-shirt is a different cost in comparison to a sweatshirt.